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    Mercedes E Class – Estate Taxi

    Hello! We are Guildford Taxis, your first choice for luxurious, affordable journeys in the finest Mercedes E Class Estates. We provide rides across Guildford to all major London airports and all major UK airports, as well as destinations both local to Guildford and further afield.

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    Introducing the Mercedes E-Class Estate, a remarkable engineering feat that shares its motor and internal workings with the latest edition of the E-Class saloon. The design is no longer boxy either; it has instead been fashioned for an aesthetic similar to that of the CLS line, which entails some sacrifices in terms of luggage capacity–but rest assured we think you’ll love how good this car looks!.



    • Fits up to 4 passengers
    • Holds up to 4 large suitcases
    • 2 small cases

    Why Choose Guildford Taxis?

    If you need to catch a quick taxi to town, or you’re looking to ride with a colleague to a business meeting in the next county, Guildford Taxis is here to help. Our drivers are well acquainted with the local area and all the local routes, as well as having driven across all UK roads throughout their time as chauffeurs. Using the latest flight and traffic monitoring technology they will always be on time, providing transfers in exceptionally plush cars, including the spacious Mercedes E Class Estates.

    Whether you are travelling in our Mercedes E Class Estates for business or pleasure, when you book with us, you can be sure you’ll get where you need to be in comfort and on time.

    Our Mercedes E Class Estate Taxis Are Luxurious And Reliable

    Guildford Taxis are trusted by customers for the best reliability and competitive rates. This is at least, in part, because of our premium E Class Mercedes taxis. They are luxe, attractive and of an incredibly high standard. They are also spacious and have ample room in the boot for generous amounts of luggage. Throughout the day our chauffeurs will check the interior and exterior of the car to ensure it remains in pristine condition.

    Whether you hold a business taxi account with us, or you use our safe taxi services for a lift home at the weekend, you’ll be treated with the highest level of respect and care. You’ll be picked up in a Mercedes Benz E Class Estate, or a similarly luxurious car, because every customer deserves to experience a moment in the lap of luxury, and enjoy a journey that is relaxed and comfortable.

    Professional Drivers And Great Customer Service

    Driving our stunning Mercedes E Class Estate cars are our highly qualified drivers, who each have all the expected checks, thorough training from Guildford Taxis, and years of experience in the industry. They work hard to consistently improve their local route knowledge so that you always get the most efficient journey at the best possible price. For exceptional punctuality, our drivers also have access to our innovative flight and road tracking technology, which you can also use when you book with us, for the latest information about your journey plans.

    Choose Our Mercedes E-Class Estate Taxi For Your Journey Today

    Guildford Taxis are here to provide you with a comfortable, luxurious journey locally and across the UK in our stunning E-Class Mercedes Estates.

    Would you love to know more about our Mercedes E Class Estate services? We would be so happy to hear from you online or over the phone, so our friendly team can give you a quote and more information.


    By far the best taxi service i've used! Dave, my driver, knew all the shortcuts to get me to my hotel the quickest way possible! Amazing service and lovely driver. Thank you for the friendly chat too! Really cheered me up after a long plane journey.

    Carly Young

    My driver was there waiting outside the airport for me and didn't hesitate to help me with my bags the second he saw me. Absolutely amazing service and strongly recommend!

    Jeff Gemmell

    I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! They are so friendly and I have used many times and they have never let me down! Always on time, always happy and friendly, and always willing to help with my bags and even stopped at a cafe when i was hungry. Love this company and highly recommended! Thank you!

    Mark Levin


    We are ready to take your call 24/7!

    Mercedes E Class Estate Taxi FAQS

    What sets the Mercedes E Class Estate taxi apart from other vehicles in your fleet?

    The Mercedes E Class Estate taxi shares its motor and internal workings with the latest edition of the E-Class saloon but comes with a design closer to that of the CLS line. This vehicle perfectly marries luxury and space, offering passengers a refined travel experience without sacrificing on luggage capacity.

    How does the design of the Mercedes E Class Estate taxi enhance passenger experience?

    The design of the Mercedes E Class Estate taxi has been fashioned to offer an aesthetic similar to the Mercedes CLS line. While the vehicle does make some sacrifices in terms of luggage space compared to traditional estate models, it more than makes up for it with its sleek design and luxurious interior, providing passengers with a stylish and comfortable journey.

    What is the luggage capacity of the Mercedes E Class Estate taxi?

    The Mercedes E Class Estate taxi is designed to accommodate up to 4 passengers and offers generous luggage space, holding up to 4 large suitcases and 2 small cases. This makes it a versatile choice for travellers who require additional luggage capacity without compromising on comfort.